Meet Chef Chen

Chef Zengming Chen was born in Fuzhou, a city in southern China. He had his professional start as a teenage apprentice in his grandfather’s restaurant and in his father’s shop, which sold fish balls, a local specialty. In 1995, Chef Chen and his wife emigrated to America. He worked in restaurants in New York, Ohio, Kansas, and New Jersey, before opening his own Sichaun restaurant in Philadelphia. In 2008, Chef Chen and his niece became co-owners of Super Wok. Chef Chen now mans the kitchen, while his wife and niece serve as the restaurant’s friendly and efficient public face. Chef Chen’s cuisine is at once bold, subtle, and precise: it is an excellent example of the cuisine served in China’s best neighborhood restaurants. We encourage non-Chinese diners to explore this authentic and exciting fare.

contact information

We open 7 days a week from 11:00am to 10:30pm, lunch is served 11:00am to 3:30pm.

Chatham Square
1401-L SE Maynard Road,
Cary, NC 27511, USA [google maps]
tel: +1.919.388.8338; +1.919.388.8883
fax: +1.919.388.4301
email: moc.liamg|kowrepus888#moc.liamg|kowrepus888

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