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Memorable dishes don't get lost in translation:The menu offers nearly 100 dishes, primarily from Szechwan and from Fuzhou in southern China, where owner chef Zengming Chen was born and began his culinary career as a teenage apprentice in his grandfather's restaurant. … I … was rewarded with a memorable meal that began with chicken in chile oil, a cold appetizer that proved a delightfully refreshing companion to a bottle of Tsing Tao beer on a warm spring night. Then came fried whole tilapia lavishly blanketed by a spicy Szechwan sauce and a colorful confetti of chopped scallion, garlic and red chiles. And a fiery stir-fry of chicken with three kinds of pepper, the nuggets of meat moist and supple under a delicately crisp surface. And stir-fried Chinese greens, their emerald green leaves and crunchy-tender stems the very essence of spring…

Rating: 4 stars; Atmosphere: casual and cheery; Recommended: everything … from independent review on News & Observer's Restaurant Reviews

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